iPhone SE 2 Rumored To Be Named iPhone 9

Rumor has it, Apple will launch more handsets than they usually do per year, up to six, including two new models, which will replace iPhone SE. as per a new report, these devices won’t get the name iPhone SE 2, and they might be called iPhone 9.

Digitimes stated that Apple would probably launch 6 iPhone devices in 2020. We are talking about 4 OLED models and two LCD ones.

Details about the iPhone SE 2 models

There is only one piece of proof coming from Chipbond Technology, which makes display driver chips for LCD screens. They have received orders for two different LCD devices, but it’s just a rumor, and we should take it as one.

The largest version of the iPhone SE2 would have a 5.5-inch or 6.1-inch screen. Also, the device would come some months after the standard version, probably hitting the market at the same time as the iPhone 12 lineup. Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone SE 2 Plus would be prepared for 2021, so we have some time to wait for the larger model.

The iPhone SE 2 and SE 2 Plus really seem like original names, coming right from Apple, but the devices could be named the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. From iPhone 8, we got the iPhone X, so there’s still time for iPhone 9.

What should we expect from the new handset?

The new handset, iPhone SE 2, will look similar to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, and what’s under the hood can be compared with the iPhone 11, which sounds promising.

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