iPhone SE 2 Release Date Rumors Suggest To An Earlier Launch

Apple has not made any declaration regarding the price of the upcoming iPhone SE 2 series yet. However, leaks are rating the product at a minimum amount of 349 USD, confirming the company’s desire to create a new set of smartphones at more affordable prices. The phone’s release is scheduled on the 5th of April, and some private retailers have already starting taken preorders of the phone.

Features of the upcoming iPhone SE 2

Leaks have revealed the price of the upcoming smartphone, as well as some of its features. Probably the iPhone SE 2 smartphone series will be equipped with 3 GB of RAM, as well as an A13 Bionic SoC and internal storage memory of 256 GB. The appearance of the phone is very likely to imitate the design of the iPhone 8.

The release date of the product

However, even if the launch date was commonly thought to be the next week, the company is not showing any initiative about this. Retailers such as BestBuy are suggesting that Apple may have moved forward its release date with a few days. According to leaks, employees from BestBuy were instructed to start commercializing the cases of the product beginning with the 5th of April.

Is the company thinking about rebranding the product?

On the package of the case, it is displayed the name of the upcoming phone and the year. What is interesting is that the company has not made any statement regarding a possible change in the name of its smartphone and on the phone case, it is written “New iPhone 4.7”.

The camera of the iPhone SE 2 budget smartphone from Apple

As already stated, the case looks identical to the design of the iPhone 8. A difference might be in the rear-facing camera. The upcoming iPhone SE 2 will likely be equipped with only one rear-facing camera.

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