iPhone SE 2 Might Come in March at the Same Price as the iPhone SE

It seems that Apple decided to make some changes regarding its devices and prices. Now the company is relating more on quantity with few compromises on quality. Apple also has a big goal for 2020, which is to sell more phones this year than last year. Moreover, the experts are saying that Apple is making a lot of money with its services. So, having services like Apple TV and Apple Music, it is more convenient than the hardware pieces.

Apple has a sales target of around 200 million devices for this year. Even if the company has sold over a billion devices until now, they want to increase the revenues. For this reason, Apple wants to sell the new iPhone SE2 at a reasonable price, even if the device is better than its predecessors. The strategy of the company is quite good, especially if we think of a market like India. Apple wants for sure to beet Xioami or Huawei when it comes to specifications and prices.

Apple might release iPhone SE 2 in March

Besides this, the idea that Apple wants to implement is for the younger people who want an iPhone but can’t afford it. Attacking the younger population as the company’s priority target seems excellent. Many young people wish to have superior technology and even the idea of having that apple on their phone, but can’t afford it. Having an iPhone means that you have to come with a minimum budget of $650.

So having a higher price like that, it makes the customers relate more with the Android phones that cost around $250-$300. In essence, Apple can sell the iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) at only $399, and if they produce the device in India, for example, the price can go lower. India and China are the two countries that have enormous potential if the prices are low.

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