iPhone SE 2 Launch Was Delayed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple was rumored to release the iPhone SE’s successor, the iPhone SE 2, aka iPhone 9, this month. The device had fueled some of the essential Apple news for a long time now. Initially, rumors said that some technical issues forced Apple to postpone the iPhone 9 release.

The company also scheduled to release another device, the iPad Pro, but it seems such an event will be postponed, too. Apple canceled not only those two launches but the whole March event, as well, which was supposed to host almost 1,500 people.

As positive coronavirus cases increase, many tech giants are forced to postpone the release of their various devices or events. Apple is one of the companies which decided to cancel its latest launch event. The company has not mentioned any details on the launch date of the iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date Was Postponed Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

The release event was booked for March 31, 2020. However, Apple has chosen to postpone the event after it forbade mass meetings at Apple park, which is situated at Santa Clara. Apple has recommended employees to take all the necessary measures and work from home due to the growing cases of virus extent in the country.

Some reports indicate that Apple might prepare the release event in a different location or choose to launch the smartphone or other devices via the online press. The chance for the devices to be released in the next weeks is uncertain.

The company doesn’t announce or confirm any piece of information so far. The coronavirus breakdown has already affected a vast number of smartphone manufacturers and disturbed the supply chain. Foxconn, for example, known as Apple’s most significant supplier, is also troubled by the virus outbreak. Its factories are situated in China.

Meanwhile, besides iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) release date, the launch of the iPhone 12 series also seems uncertain. The device, Apple’s flagship smartphone, might face a postpone, too. Usually, the giant tech holds its iPhone launch events in September, but this time we can witness a considerate delay until October or November.

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