iPhone SE 2 Is A Better Choice Than Most Of The Recently Released Smartphones

During these unprecedented times, the companies are trying to reduce their production costs by introducing lower-end vital features. Fortunately, it is not the case of Apple, who has recently launched its long-awaited iPhone SE 2 series.

The smartphone incorporates an A13 Bionic processor, the same that was first included for the iPhone 11 series. In addition to this, the $400 device has many more other impressive features that can compete with the $1450 iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone SE 2 processor’s power

Even though the telephone may not be equipped with some extra key features such as Face ID and an ultra-wide-angle camera, iPhone SE 2 still gets state-of-the-art capabilities such as the portrait mode effects that blur the background and the brand-new HDR technology.

iPhone SE 2’s A13 processor has managed to score 1.328 on its Geekbench speed test, surpassing most of the high-end gadgets that were recently released by the competitors, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with a score of 835.

Quality-price ratio

Even though many feared an era with expensive gadgets to appear because of the ongoing pandemic, the iPhone SE 2 series has brought a reasonable price range for its fans. The 64GB version is $400, and the price rises, depending on the internal storage memory availability.

A13 Bionic chipset

The processor features 8.5 billion transistors that make sure to deliver any commands requested by the user. Given its power, the users can scroll on Facebook while playing multiple high-end games. The four cores that come in the package are responsible for the power-efficiency of the phone.

In addition to that, the processor features large modules for graphics, as well as the process of Artificial Intelligence. Another series of dedicated modules are photo processing, HDR video, and video decoding. To extend the life of the battery, the camera is entitled to shut down all the unnecessary modules on iPhone SE 2.

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