iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) Might Arrive With Voice Modulation Feature

The iPhone SE 2, also known as iPhone 9, will arrive with lots of sleek new features, despite its low-budget category. The latest iOS 13.4.5 beta code leaks unveil that the upcoming smartphone will introduce voice modulation features. Also, something about an Apple CarKey support has been speculated.

Apple has currently under development a new 4.7-inch smartphone, which will be released either as iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9. The title is uncertain due to the lack of official information. The upcoming iPhone might be as well powered by A13 bionic chipsets, according to some reports. Such features as the voice modulation or Apple CarKey could set the trend for the next-gen of iPhone series.

iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) Expected Features and Other Leaked Specs

The latest leaked iOS 13.4.5 code includes a heading showing the message “CAR_KEY_EXPRESS_MODE_FOOTER_TOUCHID. It is a direct hint to the CarKey functionality for a TouchID iPhone. The newest series of iPhone released didn’t arrive with such a feature, as they sport FaceID sensors.

So, it remains for the alleged iPhone SE 2 to introduce or bring back, the TouchID sensor, and the Apple CarKey feature. The car functionality means it can be utilized to lock/unlock and start your car.

Other leaks about the upcoming low-budget iPhone series suggest support for Express Transit Cards. The CarKey feature will work even without utilizing the password or TouchID. Express Transit Cards use a technology that allows users to lock/unlock their cars utilizing a biometric authentication. The feature will work even if the phone’s battery is drained or in the charging mode.

iPhone SE 2 Launch Date New Details

Apple iPhone SE 2 launch date was booked before for the end of the March 2020. But due to the coronavirus outbreak and concerns, Apple decided to postpone the release event. Now, it was reported that the tech giant would start a mass development of iPhone 9 (SE 2) soon. The smartphone will be ready for a summer release event instead.

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