iPhone Mail App Got Some Security Flaws, Affecting Users’ Privacy

Apple is currently troubled by some issues. A recent vulnerability has been found on iPhones. ZecOps security analysts have discovered a security flaw in the iPhone Mail app. It seems that the app became vulnerable to threats from hackers. How did such a flaw emerge?

The analysts explained that the fault has been on the default iOS Mail app that comes on every iPhone and other devices, too. Should iPhone users worry? Also, when will Apple solve such an issue?

The iPhone Mail App Security Flaws

ZecOps reports that the flaw on the Mail app is already being exploited. It becomes a huge danger, and Apple still doesn’t know about it. The vulnerability represents 2 zero-day iOS exploits that were present in the app since at least iOS 6! Here is ZecOps’s full statement: “the vulnerability allows remote code execution capabilities and enables an attacker to remotely infect a device by sending emails that consume a significant amount of memory.”

The report also notes that a minimum of five high profile targets has been exploited. Among targets, there is the Japanese mobile carriers executive and some other from the Fortune 500 company. ZecOps has avoided naming the companies and people for privacy concerns. However, the report details that the security researchers couldn’t get the malicious code since the emails were remotely erased by hackers.

Moreover, ZecOps states that the attack’s goal includes sending a specially crafted email to a victim’s mailbox. It would later activate and then start triggering the vulnerability in the context of the iOS MobileMail app on iOS 12 or sent on iOS 13.

When is Apple Going to Solve This Issue?

This kind of security issue is quite hazardous, especially in this case, when it has been on the iPhone Mail app since 2012. When different reporters, even the Beijing News, approached Apple to check up the ZecOps’ report, Apple preferred to remain silent. Currently, no official confirmation about the flaw has been released.

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