iPhone 5G Models Will Sport Qualcomm Modems Until 2024

We can finally say that any trace of doubt is gone when it comes to the next iPhones from this year. Apple is adding for sure the 5G connectivity for the further flagships, and they will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem to its future iPhone 5G models. The news is surprising after the differences the two companies had in the past. But from 2019, they decided to work together, and now, all the iPhone models will have the X55 modem until 2024.

The two companies have signed the Statement of Work (SOW), which is stipulating clearly that Apple’s iPhones will use only the Qualcomm 5G modems starting with 2020 and for the next three years as well. What is quite incredible is the fact that a document of this kind of agreement must not appear to the public. However, we live in the area of the Internet and hackers, so we have the document online with some details in it.

Apple to use Qualcomm Modems for its Future iPhone 5G Smartphones

The first thing that we find out from the document is the fact that Apple is compelled to use the Qualcomm 5G modems on all its models until March 2024. In the paper, we also see the model numbers of the Qualcomm modems. Apple will start with the modem X50, the same used by the opponent company Samsung. Through the years, the modem will change, so each year, Apple will receive X55, X60, X65, and X70 being the last one in 2023.

In summary, in the document, we find out another thing about this agreement. Apple will use the SDx55 Qualcomm chipset for some of the iPhone models. If we analyze this statement, it means that Apple will launch at the same time models that will not support 5G connectivity. And if this is true, what iPhone devices will be using the Qualcomm modems.

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