iPhone 12 To Sport Significant Design Changes, According To Recent Leaks

iPhone 12 would represent a considerable upgrade from the current-gen iPhone 11 series. Recent rumors suggested that 2020 iPhone models would come out with 5G support. Current leaks suggested some significant design changes from the future iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 to come with a revamped antenna for 5G support

The renowned leaker Ben Geskin revealed the information regarding the improved iPhone 12 antenna, designed for the 5G network. Geskin is famous for having correct assumptions in the past, so let’s give him some credit for his new estimation.

“Apple long-term plan is to get rid of the Lightning port for the wireless charging and data transfer (UWD technology – 480Mbps (USB 3.0) speed at 3 meters, 110Mbps at 10 meters),” said Ben Geskin on Twitter.

Accordingly, Apple would equip the iPhone 12 models with a wider antenna to fit with the requirements of the 5G network. But nobody can estimate how this change would impact the design of the next iPhone models.

Apple might narrow down the iPhone 12 bezels for enhancing Face ID and front camera

The front of the iPhone 12 models might also suffer some significant modifications. According to Ben Geskin, Apple is already probing some options, but it’s impossible to state in which direction the Cupertino-based company would go.

However, we can guess that Apple would narrow down the iPhone 12 bezel for revamped Face ID and front camera. Besides, under the hood, Apple would power its future iPhone 12 with the next-generation 5-nm A14 chipset.

As for the rest of the specs, rumors are contradictory. Some say that iPhone won’t come out with Lightning Port, but also without USB-C. Other leaks suggested that the next year’s iPhone models would sport USB-C. Ben Geskin, even more, is sure that the iPhone 12 models would come with wireless charging only. That’s, however, an exaggeration in other analysts’ opinions. It would, indeed, be a surprising move from Apple to opt only for wireless charging.

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