iPhone 12 Series is Introducing a Mini Model

Even though September is far away, the internet is buzzing with leaks about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 Series. After all, Apple is one of the world’s most popular tech companies and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that leaksters are making it their top priority to find information about iPhone 12 Series. According to previous leaks, iPhone 12 Series will offer a total of four devices and one of them will be a Mini Model! With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything there is to know about the mini model.

iPhone 12 Series – Mini Model

As previously noted, Apple is planning to launch four iPhone models in 2020. From the looks of it, Apple is increasing the number of iPhone models that it launches every year. The interesting thing about 2020’s lineup of iPhones is that it will include a mini model. The device is dubbed as iPhone 12 Mini and according to multiple leaks and rumors, it will ship with a 5.4-inches display that uses OLED technology.

We want to highlight that iPhone 12 Mini is not iPhone SE 2. The reason why Apple is going to launch iPhone 12 Mini is that it has realized that its fans loved the older iPhone designs and that they miss the Touch ID button. This is why iPhone 12 Mini will ship without a full-screen design. However, iPhone 12 Mini will still feature powerful hardware specs such as a Bionic A13 chipset that can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Final Words

Even though iPhone 12 Mini is not going to be a flagship device in 2020, we can be sure that it will be success. The reason behind this is that the launch of iPhone SE in 2016 showed that not all Apple fans love the full-screen design.

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