iPhone 12 Launch Date Postponed Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple iPhone 12 development might get influenced because of the latest Coronavirus outbreak, which began from Wuhan in China. Reports about an iPhone SE 2 launch resurfaced, but such a thing could be slowed, even if the company has performed some strict steps to release the mid-range device on time.

As for iPhone 12, developers have begun the production of the smartphones and plan to launch it in the first half of this year. Or not?

To follow the same strict steps is impossible because the device is in its early stages of development at the Chinese factories. Also, if the coronavirus isn’t controlled soon, there would be no other option than to postpone the launch date.

iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2 Latest Reports Indicate Major Changes

Apple iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) didn’t encounter so many issues. The smartphone had already hit the final stages of development, and it only needs to be assembled. However, the latest reports indicate that Apple decided to shut down the offices and retail shops in China.

The company had also ceased the production entirely. It won’t wait to continue their process of development in the coronavirus infected areas, but instead, change the development to places such as Taiwan and India where it has previously set up factories. iPhone SE 2 will launch at the same time as scheduled, according to the reports, but for iPhone 12, things might differ a lot.

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, has confirmed that the company has limited journeys to China, and the business has hit a critical level. Coronavirus infected more than 50,000 people in China, while 1000 of them have lost their lives. The situation is worsening daily. It is also a reason why Apple won’t be assigning its engineers in China because of the risk of the infection. Apple iPhone 12 is set to arrive initially in September 2020, but it has to be postponed due to medical issues.

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