iPhone 12 Could Come With In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Apple is planning to take the lead with the new model it will launch – iPhone 12. The phone could come with a Touch ID for the biometric security and an in-display fingerprint sensor. Apple introduced the Face ID to its phones in 2017, and it looks that it will not end so far. The rumors are always saying about the next iPhone that is coming that it could have the fingerprint-based security, but maybe now, it will be iPhone 12.

In 2017 Apple launched iPhone X, a bezel-less smartphone, having the home button, the fingerprint sensor, and the Touch Id removed. As you know, see, and maybe have, the new phones are coming with a touch ID without bezels, while the fingerprint sensor is under the display. This is the perfect way to save some space on the phones. Maybe this time, Apple will apply the same thing and launch its new iPhone 12 models with the fingerprint reader under the screen.

iPhone 12 Might Sport An In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Rumors and reports are saying that Apple is even working on its own fingerprint scanner under the screen. So the new iPhone will come with touch ID and Face ID for the authentication factor. Apple has the feature still in the test phase; it means that we will not see it in the new iPhone 12, but in a model after it.

In essence, it is quite hard to know for sure when the new iPhone 12 will launch. Apple is also one of the many companies affected by the Coronavirus in China. Some rumors are saying that the company will launch iPhone 12 at the annual September event, but this could also be for sure delayed. Besides the concerns of the coronavirus, Apple is having some problems with the 5G antennas for the iPhone 12, according to some reports.

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