iPhone 12 Can Be Used Underwater, New Information Revealed

Rumor has it Apple iPhone 12 could be fully waterproof. It might even work underwater. We have met the concept of water-resistant smartphones, but none of them were able to function underwater. The tech giant is currently working on a new technology, which will sense the touch pressure underwater, and then make the difference from the water particles, so that a user can use the iPhone, even if it’s underwater.

Apple has recently filed a new patent for an in-display pressure sensor, which will enable the future iPhones to work underwater. Here is all we know so far.

Has Apple leaked the patent of the iPhone 12?

Apple has filed for a new patent in USPTO, which shows, in detail, the development of in-display sensors that can work underwater. The leaked patent is named “Force or touch sensing on a mobile device using a capacitive or pressure sensing,” and it shows individual sensors, which will enable the screen to respond to the touch even when it is underwater.

Apple has also revealed in the patent that they want the display to work usually, without crashing, when covered in water or water droplets. They also talk about a mechanism that will determine the correct amount of force exerted and applied to the display for the device. We don’t know anything about the name of the device, but people say it’s all about the iPhone 12.

So when is the iPhone 12 release date?

iPhone 12 is set to be released in September 2020, at the annual event of the company. Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, the launch of the iPhone 12 will still happen. We have heard about 5G integration, a 4-lens rear camera setup, and no bezels at all. There will also be an in-display front camera and a touch sensor. We will have more details as we get closer to the release date of the upcoming iPhone.

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