iPhone 12 Camera Will Compete With That Of Samsung Galaxy S20

iPhone 12 smartphones are scheduled for release in September 2020. However, there is not much that we know about the upcoming Apple device. What we do know and are quite sure about is that the next iOS models will feature 5G connectivity and the latest phone processors.

If you take a peek into the rumor mill, you will find out that the iPhone 12 is going to be very different from all its predecessors. It looks like Apple plans to do a significant redesign on the upcoming device.

The rumor has it that the iPhone 12 smartphones will come out with a huge four-camera setup on the back. This makes consumers very excited, especially if the rumor regarding the possibility of one of the lenses featuring a depth-sensing 3D camera turns out to be true.

iPhone 12 Camera vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

iPhone 12 camera will more than likely put the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to shame. Together with the release of the upcoming smartphone, its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro, will also get an upgrade. Apple is going to offer us another flagship phone, and we can’t wait to see all it can do.

There are other rumors regarding the phone’s camera, such as the world-facing” rear camera setup featuring a 3D camera. This idea has been in development for two years now, and it seems like it will be ready by the time of the iPhone 12 launch.

The phone is also rumored to feature a ToF sensor that helps to improve the image quality. iPhone 12 might be the first iPhone to feature TrueDepth sensors at the rear camera. Other smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, already have this feature. Despite being a little bit behind with the TrueDepth sensor, Apple has the potential to surpass its competition. At the moment, nothing has been officially confirmed, but we will probably find out more in the upcoming months.

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