iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR – Best Features and Hardware Comparison

Apple unleashed the latest range of iPhones in September, as the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max were placed under the limelight. An interesting surprise was the price of the iPhone 11, which is lower in comparison to that of the iPhone XR when it was released.

Read below to find a brief comparison between the two devices, as we take into account both features and flaws to determine the best choice.


The design of the two devices is quite similar, with the only definite difference being the addition of an extra camera sensor and a square camera bump in the case of the iPhone 11. The weight, size, and 6.1-inch LCD are identical.

Smile for the camera

The dual-camera sensor present on the rear of the iPhone 11 offers a definite advantage since it harnesses the power of an ultrawide sensor to provide impressive images. The fresh Night Mode is an excellent feature for those who enjoy low-light photography.

Overall, both devices can shoot impressive images in the right conditions, but the iPhone 11 records sharper images in a variety of situations.

Faster, smarter, better

An A13 Bionic chip promises increased performance and extended battery life. The iPhone 11 scored better in a variety of benchmarks which are used to evaluate performance in synthetic tests. However, a video playback test showed that XR offers a superior battery life as the device managed to play videos continuously for 19 hours and 53 minutes while the iPhone 11 lasted for 15 hours and 24 minutes.


When we are looking at advanced features, the iPhone 11 is the undisputed winner. It features Wi-Fi 6, an improved version of 4G LTE, which can reach Gigabit Speeds and the U1 chip, which can detect other iDevices at a faster rate.

iPhone XR offers a better value since the price tag is smaller by $100, but the iPhone 11 is the clear choice if you want an Apple flagship at a great price.

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