iPhone 11 Pro No Service Issue Solved – How To Fix

iPhone 11 Pro, one of the most stylish and innovative smartphones out there, might sometimes get troubled by various issues. People expect the most expensive phones with sleek features to always run flawlessly.

But, such a thing might not be possible as they imagine. It’s okay to experience some error and glitch sometimes. Recently, the No Service error troubled users’ experience, meaning they can’t call or send any texts. Even if it’s an annoying and lasting issue, there are some methods you might want to try to fix it.

How to Fix the iPhone 11 Pro No Service Issue

Switch On and Off the Airplane Mode

Switching on and off the Airplane mode can be a sleek trick. Access Settings, and the Airplane mode. Activate the option and leave it so for a couple of seconds. After that, turn it off again. See if it did the trick for you!

Switch On and Off the Cellular Data

While the No service issue might seem like the most complicated issues so far, in some cases, the easiest fixes work perfectly. Go to Settings, tap Cellular, and then the Cellular data. Switch off the feature and wait for a few seconds until switching back again.

Restart Your iPhone

Back to the most common fix. The restart of the device! Even if you experience issues with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or slow performance, sometimes the same fix works like a charm for all of the problems. Turn your iPhone off and let it still a little bit. Then, turn it back on.

Software Update

Software updates are very significant, and they’ll always be. It is recommended to update your iPhone regularly. Access Settings, hit General, then the Software update section. You’ll see there the latest iOS variant and an option to download it and install it.

Reset Network Settings

All network problems of any kind might work again flawlessly if you choose to restore the network settings to factory defaults. You’ll have to: Go to Settings, then hit the General section. Tap Reset and Reset network settings. Enter your passcode and choose Reset network settings to fix the iPhone 11 Pro No Service issue.

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