iPhone 11: How to Send an Email Attachment

Without a doubt, iPhone 11 is one hell of a phone, as Apple reached its pinnacle by bringing this gadget to the market last year. Featuring both mind-blowing specs and durability, the iPhone 11 flagship can come in handy in many frequent activities.

Sending a file via email is a very common activity nowadays, and you certainly need to do it in so many situations. Doing it with an iPhone 11 can be tricky sometimes, so now we’re here to help. By following the steps below you’ll be able to send your desired file via email in no time.

iPhone 11: How to Send an Email Attachment

Open the Mail app from your iPhone.

  • Tap the icon for composing the message. You should find it at the bottom of your display.
  • If you’re willing to send an attachment from the reply, you can start by simply selecting the email you want. Reply by tapping the reply icon on the bottom-right corner.
  • After you select one of the options from above, it will appear a new compose message screen with the keyboard on it. You have to tap on the gray arrow button from the upper-right keyboard if you see it.
  • To send a video or picture from the Photos app, tap the photo icon. If your aim is to send a file from the Files app, select the document icon.
  • Type your desired message in the body if you want to add one. Check if the sender and the subject are the ones you wanted, then tap the send button.

These are all the steps needed for sending an email in your attachment via iPhone 11. Please bear in mind that scanning a file when you send or receive it is always a good idea. You may never know what malicious software could dwell on somebody else’s PC.

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