iPadOS 13 Introduces Great New Features for Users

Apple announced that the iPad would finally receive its iPadOS 13. As the latest software started to roll out, developers showcased a bunch of great features to discover and try out. Also, the software mixes stuff of both macOS and iOS, making it more tailored and customizable. From enhanced child protection, hiding your location, app switching to improved multitasking, the new iPadOS features will support anything you decide to do on your device.

Split View Feature for Multitasking

Multitasking has been redesigned on iPadOS 13. One of the most notable features is the Split View, which lets you work on two tasks at the same time. You can also choose to open multiple tabs of the same app. How cool is this? Also, by picking a note from the sidebar and placing it to the side of the display, you open it, too, in a new tab.

Hiding Better Your Location

Hiding your location was always a real buzz at Apple, meaning that even if you deactivated the GPS, the location data still gathered information. But with the latest update, you’ll notice an enhanced way of hiding your location, because now the security has been maximum improved. You can choose to switch off the ultra-wideband chip manually.

Slide Over For a Faster App Switching

Slide Over arrives on iPads as an enhanced app switching feature. Start by swiping out from the bottom of the screen to access the dock. Then, touch and hold an app to add it to Slide Over and drag it to one side of the display. You can do this as much as you want, adding any apps you desire to the Slide Over. Also, make any app to go in full screen by dragging it to the top middle of the display.

QuickPath Feature for the Fastest Writers

Speed you typing by using QuickPath in iPadOS 13. Access the feature by only pinching the keyboard with two fingers to put it down into a smaller mode. You can adjust it as you desire by choosing the best position on your screen. Then, swipe your finger across the keyboard to write the fastest than ever.

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