iPad Pro 5G Release Date Might Be Postponed

The social distancing measures that caused the closure of non-essential enterprises by the governments as a result of the ongoing pandemic has created a supply chain disruption of Apple. Therefore, the officials have delayed the release date for the iPad Pro 5G technology for the next year. Economic Daily News has announced that usually, the product was supposed to be launched this fall. Unfortunately, the epidemic has affected the production of the forthcoming 5G iPad.

At the moment, the company’s primary focus is the launch of the iPhone 12 series, including the 5G technology, as well as its central revenue and profit. The testing procedures for the upcoming phone are already falling behind the schedule. The leaks have stated initially that the company will release this fall the 2020 iPad Pro and a Magic Keyboard. Unfortunately, it looks like this objective cannot be achieved anymore.

Details on the 2020 iPad Pro 5G

Even though the company has recently released an iPad model with LiDAR technology and an ultra-wide camera, rumors have been pointing to another new device. The 2020 iPad Pro was supposed to come with 5G cellular technology and a mini-LED scanner. The processor was thought to bring in the market the A14 generation of chipsets.

The company is very probable to launch its first 5G-compatible series, featuring Qualcomm modems. In addition to this, Apple is currently creating its custom design modems, and it will bring on the market devices without Qualcomm components by the end of 2022.

The mini-LED technology is highly appreciated for its ability to offer an impressive combination of brightness and contrast in images, without the burn-in issues that are produced by OLED. Therefore, the display contains an impressive number of small dimming zones which are individually controlled. For example, for those area containing black, the color will genuinely be displayed as an actual black, since the components in that area are completely turned off in that region.

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