iOS 14 Details and News on the Some Future Apple Devices

What is iOS 14 going to bring out in 2020? According to a new video, the upcoming software update has in plan to offer its consumers a different era of multitasking on the Apple phones. We also have other information regarding the Apple’s next product line-up. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest leaks concerning the plans that Apple has for this year.

iOS 14 features

Let’s take all information one at the time, and start with the so-called new multitasking in iOS 14. The next software update is still a long way to come; however, last week was revealed a short preview of a possible multitasking quality of the upcoming iPhone 12 as well as all iPhones that run with iOS 14.

The preview was shared on Twitter and by Ben Geskin, a leaker. The video shows the predecessor of the iPhone 12 featuring a grid view of app windows. This feature is much like the multitasking layout on the iPadOS. People’s reaction to this preview was that it isn’t a new multitasking feature of the upcoming iOS 14 but just a jailbreak tweak of iOS 13.

However, Geskin is standing by his word by posting a photo to prove his opinion. The picture shows a new multitasking feature in the Settings menu. There are more options for the multitasking switcher page, such as Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher, Automatic, and Minimum Viable Switcher. The difference between the so-called new feature and the existing jailbreak version is that the current version doesn’t have these options available.

Target inventory hints at new Apple devices

According to a Target employee, Apple will launch a lot of new products featuring “X Generation.” Jon Prosser, a YouTuber, shared a photo of Target’s inventory system that reveal the so-called upcoming Apple products.

The YouTuber said that Apple would launch AirPods featuring X Generation for the price of $400. Other X Generation devices are rumored to be released as well, such as a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, an Apple TV, a Smartwatch, and an iPod Touch. What exactly Apple has in their basket, we don’t know yet, but we will soon find out.

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