iOS 14 Could Bring the Most Significant Features So Far

Usually, the love-hate relationships with Apple’s devices, make them so significant for some. Well, it is mostly confusion mixed with innovation or something complicated obscured by sleek features. Whatever it is, Apple’s dedication to its hardware development is well-praised. The quality of the apps is also pretty much flawless.

On the other hand, the cons seem to corner Apple a little bit, as some users hate how developers limit the way they use their devices daily. It might not be such a big issue, but those Apple’s strict OS restrictions for customization and app features are so dull and annoying compared to Android.

There are some speculations, though, that the giant tech is balancing to enhance some of those restrictions in the upcoming iOS 14, meaning we’ll get more access. This new OS update could be the one for those users who wanted to witness that significant change. Also, it will be for the first time when Apple would lower its walls significantly.

Apple to implement significant change with iOS 14

Recently, a Bloomberg report unveiled that Apple is thinking of letting apps such as Gmail or Chrome to be set as defaults in the upcoming iOS 14. It’s probably not the most significant change we’ve seen so far, but it is one that would bring a notable impact on app developers who challenges the company’s built-in apps.

Android, Windows, and macOS will let third-party apps to become defaults, but not for iOS, who remained the same for over a decade. But as new regulators in the US and Europe are investigating Apple’s whole mobile platform, it is the perfect time to release such an update.

The EU, for example, intends to develop an Apple antitrust investigation. Such a thing occurs after Spotify filed a complaint about the big tech supporting its music service with limitations on rivals.

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