iOS 14 Code Hints To Apple Over-Ear Headphones

Apple seems to has plans of releasing a next-gen of over-ear headphones. Fans have requested the upcoming headphones for so many years. Recent leaks have unveiled the new audio accessory via iOS 14 code snippets

They also revealed many details about other next Apple projects. The giant-tech is ready to release new high-end Bluetooth headphones, which will resemble the AirPods a lot. Some tech websites have been dubbed the headphone, Airpods X Generation.

The features, versions, and colors, and a possible release date of the upcoming wireless over-ear headphones have been leaked.

New Over-Ear Headphone by Apple Suggested by iOS 14 Code

The iOS 14 code leaks reveal two icons of two variants of the Apple’s new over-ear headphones. The two images for the Airpods X Generation suggest that the audio accessory will arrive in 2 colors, dark color and light color version.

The lighter variant is said to have dark ear cushions, while the darker color, light ear cushions. It is still unknown the color the headphone will arrive. Some reports indicate a white, black, and space gray.

Apple could also bring other colors for the speculated Airpods X Generation. It will be nice to see something else rather than the white AirPods and Airpods Pro.

Apple’s New Over-Ear Headphones Specs and Launch Date

Apple’s Airpods X Gen headphones will resemble Beats’ concept in terms of specs. They will also have some of AirPods’ features. Rumors suggest that the over-ear headphones will have an auto music pause feature when they’re removed and resume when they’re put up again.

Airpods X Generation will most likely arrive with a wireless charger as Beats’ does. Such a feature will enhance the audio experience and boost up the sound isolation. The upcoming over-ear accessories might be launched in the second half of 2020 alongside with other Apple devices.

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