iOS 13 Bug Might Make iPhone Devices Inoperable

Apple’s fans waited for the new iOS 13 release, but the new operating system from the Cupertino-based company came out with some bugs, along with the latest features it sports. According to recent reports from users, an iOS 13 bug might make iPhone devices inoperable, forcing the users to send their smartphones back to Apple for replacement.

Among the most common problems with iOS 13 are Bluetooth instability, WiFi issues, ringtone glitches, and more similar errors. As some users reported, according to WCCFTech, the latest iOS 13 update, iOS 13.1.3, ruins the Ultrawide Band U1 chip of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models.

The worst part of this iOS 13 bug is that it destroys a hardware piece, meaning that users affected by the glitch must go to their local Apple Store and replace their devices with a new iPhone. At the moment, Apple did not release any fix for the issue and did not even say if a solution would come out soon.

iOS 13 Bug Might Make iPhone Devices Inoperable

The users affected by this annoying iOS 13 bug receive a warning on their iPhone device, saying that “the Ultra Wideband Update Failed. Your iPhone cannot use the Ultra Wideband until it has been updated.”

The notification is not accurate, however, since there is no newer version of iOS 13, besides the latest iOS 13.1.3. Accordingly, the iOS 13 bug forces users to go to the nearest Apple Store for a replacement of the affected iPhone 11 smartphone.

“I had to go to the Apple Store, and they did the diagnostics and confirmed it was a hardware issue and was replaced with a new device,” one client said. “My 11 Pro Max had it too. The AirDrop would not work to send but could receive. Reset, and setup as new failed to resolve the issue. Visited Apple Store yesterday and did return/replace,” another iPhone 11 user stated online. At the moment, there is no fix for this iOS 13 bug.

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