iOS 13.3.1 Fixes Numerous Issues in iPhone 11 Series and More

The iPhone 11 lineup had to face some major issues not long ago. With the problem that only displayed the ultrawide-angle camera instead of the regular wide-angle one in FaceTime and unsent push notifications in Wi-Fi, the series’ owners have had their share. However, with the latest iOS 13.3.1 update to the operating system, Apple intends to address the bugs, and also make the background location manageable.

The update is available since last week, and the new additions and tweaks can be enjoyed, especially by iPhone 11 users. Turning off the Wideband U1 chip for location tracking is now attainable.

Apple iOS 13.3.1 Update Fixes

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro users can now enjoy the fixes of the numerous issues they have encountered with the previous update. Such problems included the delay in opening, editing, or sending images created while Deep Fusion was enabled. Besides, the following issues were addressed in the new iOS rollout:

  • Communication limits – labeled under parental control – until now, children could avoid the screen time code to add new contacts to the address book
  • Deactivation at ‘Load remote images’ feature – until now, it was feasible to load remote images for mail, even though the load remote images’ function was not turned on
  • Dialogue box playback – In the Mail app, numerous dialogue boxes for revocation have been opened with the new update
  • Camera usage – until recently, FaceTime has only allowed the wide-angle camera on the back rather than the ultrawide-angle camera. The issue has now been addressed
  • Transmission problem of push notifications – users reported that push messages were not sent via Wi-Fi
  • Sound reproduction in the car – Apple CarPlay deformed the sound while engaged in phone calls
  • Extended Siri voices – ​with the new update, Siri voices can now access Indian English via HomePod

Disabling Background Location Tracking in iOS 13.3.1

Besides the comprehensive bug fixes, the developers behind iOS have implemented new functionality in iPhone 11 with the new update. Users can now manually turn on the location request of the Ultra-Wideband U1 processor, which was, until now, impossible to really disable. Even though users could ​turn off location services on iPhone 11, iPhone 11​ Pro, and iPhone 11​ Pro Max, location information was still gathered and stored locally on the device.

This is how you disable the functionality:

  • First of all, you should head over to the settings menu
  • Scroll down to the ‘Privacy’ option and tap on it
  • Open the ‘Localization Services’ category
  • Scroll down until you find the ‘System Services’ option
  • Turn off the item under ‘Network & Wireless Communications’

Even though there are no additional details on this new implementation as of yet, disabling the UWB can allegedly impact connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultra-broadband.

Other System Updates are Also Available

Besides the iPhone 11​ series, an update has also come for iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, which have received software enhancement. A new version of macOS Catalina is also accessible on the Mac:

  • ​iPadOS 13.3.1 (17D50)
  • watchOS 6.1.2 (17S796)
  • tvOS 13.3.1 (17K795)
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76)

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