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Intel Confirmed The 11th-gen “Rocket Lake” CPUs for Early Next Year

If you plan to upgrade your existing rig’s CPU or build a new desktop computer, you might find it worth it to wait for next year. In a Medium post, Intel revealed that it would be introducing its 11th generation “Rocket Lake” CPU lineup in the first quarter of the next year.

High Performance

The new CPUs would reportedly match AMD’s third-gen Ryzen chipsets thanks to PCIe 4.0 support.

Intel worked hard to step up its rivalry with AMD’s Ryzen 5000 CPUs, which will be introduced soon, and are the main competition for its upcoming models.

Intel’s official confirmation was published a day after Videocardz reported some spicy rumors about the upcoming Rocket Lake CPUs. We don’t know if that was a simple coincidence, or Intel was forced to spill the beans due to the Videocardz report.

The website claims that the company would introduce the CPU lineup in March, packing a faster, “Cypress Cove” core architecture, that would feature an 8-core offering in its top configuration.

The latter would be impressive considering that Intel’s Comet Lake S chips maxed out at ten cores.

Results from early GeekBench scores show that Wccftech predicts these new chips will mark a significant evolutionary step up ahead of the 10th gen processors.

Some reports suggest that a 5GHz boost option is available, and it will be the first time Intel departs from its old 14nm architecture.

The switch to eight cores sounds like a bold move on Intel’s part, but perhaps that is a mark of improvement.

We hope that a reduction in the number of cores also translates to an improvement in energy efficiency.

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