Instagram Will Soon Offer A New Feature

Facebook has become the typical big company that is acquiring other small companies, such as both Instagram and WhatsApp, for example. It’s just how they work. Facebook only buys them off with millions of dollars, and that’s it.

If you take a look at the Messenger app, you will notice some similarities to the WhatsApp messenger. The same thing goes for the Instagram app as well as you can see, it has a messenger platform too.

The Instagram app upgraded from a photo-sharing app to be much more than that. The app attracted many influencers, and people can also contact their friends, family, or other people via Direct Messages (DMs). If you cannot be on top, you buy the top apps to ensure your spot. I guess that’s how Facebook runs.

The Instagram DM Evolution

Instagram’s DM is going to get an upgrade. What does the update imply? It looks like the DMs will become a full-scale messenger for the app. Developers are working on a solution to enable users to quote messages directly. Quoting messages directly literally means replying directly to one person’s messages, which will be useful in group chats. However, this new update is not available yet.

“#Instagram is working on the possibility of quoting messages in Direct. This feature is not available yet, it’s a hidden feature,” says Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter page.

It is helpful when you have all the platforms complete. Even if you don’t appreciate Facebook very much, they do a lot to improve their social media platforms. A comprehensive app makes our lives easier. Why should you use iMessage when your preference for social media is Instagram? We shall wait and see what Facebook has to offer in the upcoming months or years in regard to its new planned features for the Instagram’s DMs.

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