Instagram Brings New Feature to Create a More Friendly Environment

Instagram continues to fight against bullying, this time introducing new features. Users will now be able to block or restrict multiple accounts and delete any negative comments in bulk. Such an update is very useful for those who have lots of followers and tend to receive thousands of comments.

The Facebook-owned social platform enhances our experience with only a few taps. From now on, you won’t have to delete each comment individually, wasting precious time. Let the features guide you for a more positive Instagram environment and not a single stressful comment.

Instagram’s Ways of Fighting Bullying

Instagram finds new ways of keeping users safe and content. Now, we’re able to enjoy new features and be sure that negative comments are no longer a bother. Choose to block or restrict multiple accounts, or to delete all those annoying comments in bulk.
For iOS users, all they have to do is tap on a comment and then on the dotted icon from the top right corner. Then, choose the Manage Comments feature and pick up to 25 comments to delete at once. Users can also block multiple accounts by tapping on More Options.
As for those with Android, they already had such options. Now, they can restrict or block accounts, as well. Choose a comment, hold it down, and tap on the dotted icon. Select Block or Restrict, and you can forget about all that negativity!
Instagram’s other attempts to stop bullying include some controls to manage who mentions or tags you. If you want to do such a thing, go to Settings and choose to permit tag/mention you in a post, comment, or Story, only the ones who follow you, or no one.
The social network’s decision to stand against bullying comes during a harsh time when the Covid-19 pandemic has made some people act recklessly.



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