Insane Number of 5G Smartphones Will Be Sold in 2020 and 2021, According to Renowned Market Analyst Firm

2020 is the year of the 5G revolution, whether we like it or not. Technology doesn’t care about how much we like the way it’s evolving. Despite some harsh critics, the 5G connectivity will grant plenty of benefits: higher speed and more stability of the internet, just to say the least.

But just how massive will the impact of 5G connectivity be? Canalys, the leading global technology market analyst firm, comes to make some interesting predictions on the matter.

278 million 5G phones will be sold in 2020

Greater China will lead the way with 172 million shipments, followed by North America with 42 million units. Europe, Middle East, and Africa are together occupying the third place with 31 million shipments. As for the market share, China has 62%, North America scores 15%, while Europe, Middle East, and Africa have only 11%.

Shipments will be off the charts in 2021

People will be gathering in even larger numbers in order to buy 5G smartphones in 2021. Greater China also holds the record, according to the same predictions made by Canalys. The area will have 305 million shipments with a market share of 56%. North America will be next with 92 million and a market share of 17%, while Europe, Middle East, and Africa are all coming on the third position with 76 million and 14%. Surprisingly or not, Latin America is the last in the top considering both 2020 and 2021. For the current year, the latter region will buy only 3 million 5G smartphones, while the number will be much bigger in 2021: 13 million units.

Surprisingly enough, Apple didn’t release a 5G phone yet. However, this will change in October along with the arrival of the iPhone 12 flagship in four variants: standard, Pro, Max, and Pro Max. The lineup will bring plenty of interesting features, such as the next-generation A14 Bionic chipset, improved design, better cameras, and last but not least: 5G connectivity.

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