id Software will remove the heavily-criticized Denuvo Anti-Cheat from Doom Eternal

A recent update for Doom Eternal sparked rage among fans of the game sparked heated debates and backlash from fans after they discovered that it introduced a Denuvo-made anti-cheat software into the game.

According to a post made on Reddit by one of the developers of the title, the decision to add the anti-cheat was influenced by several factors, including negative feedback offered by players of the Doom 2016 reboot, who complained about the lack of an anti-cheat that was added in time.

Denouncing an invasive anti-cheat

It is worth noting that the players aren’t against the implementation of an anti-cheat system since it would be a great boon for the multiplayer modes. The problem is more nuanced, but there are two main points that are advocated by the players.

One of them is related t the fact that Denuvo is one of the most popular anti-piracy software providers in the world, as its solutions lower the overall performance of the game, effectively punishing people who obtain the game legally, as cracked copies aren’t affected by the inconvenience.

The other complaint is related to the fact that the anti-cheat is integrated at a kernel level, and attackers could tamper with it and gain access to valuable data.

A quick demise

Riot has faced similar criticism as Valorant also includes a kernel anti-cheat system that is even more controversial, as it constantly runs in the background instead of only being active when the game is being played.

Disgruntled players have assaulted the Steam page of Doom Eternal, initiating a heavy review-bombing campaign that has sunk the Recent Reviews overall score to Mixed. id Software heard about the complaints, and it has already announced that the anti-cheat will be removed via the next update while the studio will explore alternatives that will ensure fair gameplay for the competitive modes

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