Hulu 500 Error – Fixing It Is Simple!

Hulu is an alternative to cable TV. With Hulu, Everybody can watch their favorite TV shows, programs, documentaries, news, sports, videos, and movies.

It is usually cheaper than cable connection, and it also features a massive collection of entertainment content, which is precisely why so many people subscribe to Hulu in the first place.

However, sometimes users experience problems with either the website or the app when they try to stream content. Some of the most common error codes that Hulu displays is the 500 error, which we will be addressing in the following lines.

Cause Of The Error

The usual reason behind the error is an internal error on the server-side. Usually, there is nothing you can do to fix a mistake with a website’s server.

However, you can check if the problem is actually on Hulu’s servers or your side.

Preventive measures

First, you can try closing the page and re-opening it. If Hulu solved the issue on their servers, it should behave normally.


If your device stored too many browser cookies, then the error could manifest. Try deleting the cookies.

For Google Chrome, go to More Tools -> Clear browsing data and then delete the cookies.

For Firefox go to Menu -> Options -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data or Manage Data


You can try restarting your PC or mobile device. You can do the same with your router to make sure that you get a fresh start.


Make sure that both your device’s operating system and the Hulu app are up to date. If your app is out of date, compatibility issues might ruin the experience, thus resulting in buffering or total loss of connection.

If you made sure that your device doesn’t cause the issue, you could always contact Hulu via e-mail. They will let you know what’s causing the problem and how to fix it.

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