Huawei Mate XS Arrives With Significant Improvements

Huawei was one of the first manufacturers that released a smartphone with a foldable panel. The Mate X has been quite popular among users, and the company decided to release a revamped model that comes with a selection of new improvements that make it a great device.

The CEO of the company, Richard Yu, showcased the Huawei Mate XS during a recent event that took place a few days ago. The announcement came as a surprise, but many fans seem to be excited by the news.

According to news outlets, the Huawei Mate Xs sports a superior panel and a redesigned hinge that should increase the durability of the panel. Huawei decided to embrace a full plastic build as no trace of glass can be observed, a decision that will be appreciated by some.

The display

Users will enjoy a generous 8-inch display when the device is unfolded. When folded, a 6.6-inch display will be available on the front while a 6.38-panel will be accessible on the rear. A significant highlight is represented by the unique manufacturing method, which involves the use of four layers that are linked by a powerful adhesive.


Redesigned hinge

The hinge is a vital part of any foldable device but also its greatest weakness. To limit tear and wear, the device features a hinge made from liquid metal enriched with zirconium, which should be more robust than titanium alloy.

The camera

A quad-camera setup is present on the device, with the main component being a 40MP sensor. It is accompanied by a 16MP ultra-wide lens, an 8MP telephoto sensor, and a time-of-flight depth sensor. Among the features provided by the camera array, we can count 45x zoom, OIS, and AIS.

Other Specs

A Kirin 990 SoC powers the new Huawei Mate XS with a built-in 5G modem, 8GB RAM, and 512GB of internal storage space. Android 10 is available out of the box, and the smartphone will arrive on the market in March.

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