Huawei Honro 30S To Equip The New 7nm Kirin 820 Chipset

Huawei has just revealed its next 5G-capable HiSilicon-Kirin single crystal system. The latest chipset is going to arrive in the market very soon. The Chinese company has already revealed the latest Kirin 820 5G processor. The Honor 30S smartphone is already set to be powered by the new chipset.

Kirin 820: 5G Huawei 7nm chip

There is no surprise that the Kirin 820 chip features 5G fast connectivity. The chipset has a built-in 5G modem following the new set up standard. The chipset is based on a 7nm architecture, which is formed of four ARM Cortex A76 big cores and four ARM Cortex A55 little cores.

The latest SoC features only one A76 core clocked at 2.36GB. The rest of the are clocked at 2.22GHz, making three A76 cores in total. The performance of the latest chip is announced to be 27 percent better than its predecessor.

The Huawei Honor 30S

The Kirin 820 5G is based on a Mali-G57 6-core GPU, which offers a 38 percent better permanence than its predecessor. The latest chipset from Huawei has an overall 73 percent better performance than the previous Kirin 810. The Kirin 820 5G processor is using an upgraded GPU.

The latest chip from Huawei is by far the best they have built. It outruns the previous chipset, and it looks very promising, taking into consideration the fact that it was made for the mid-range smartphones.

As mentioned above, the Honor 30S smartphone will be powered by the latest Kirin 820 5G chipset. The upcoming phone is going to future 6 GB of RAM and a 128 GB storage.

The fingerprint scanner is located on the lateral side of the device as for the battery; it will feature a 40 W rechargeable speed. We can’t wait and see exactly how the chip will work with the upcoming Honor 30S model.

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