Huawei GT 2e Smartwatch Will Roll Out Soon, As Per New Reports

In the smartwatch business, we know the giant-techs’ games. We have the battling rivals, Apple and Samsung, always trying to deliver the best features and performance, and the innovative Huawei, which does its thing pretty great. The Huawei GT is a significant installment on the smartwatch market, both developed-wise and in the hood.

The most recent variant, however, the GT2, already proved its best. The smartwatch hit the Asian and European markets and sell very well. But, unlike the Apple Watch, it sure does look like an Apple Watch.

Recently, Huawei prepares to announce its net flagship, the P40 smartphone, according to the Germ tech reporting website, WinFuture. The report suggests that the next-gen variant of Huawei GT would team up with it. So, we’re going to witness another successful smartwatch that would be dubbed Huawei GT 2E, soon. How different will be the next-gen smartwatch, though? And what features should we expect?

Huawei GT 2E Features and Other Details

According to WinFuture’s report, the smartwatch resembles the previous devices. The report indicates that it would arrive with the same display support. The significant part is that it would last up to 14 days of usage.

As for the rest of the features, the Huawei GT 2E would sport almost similar specifications, as per rumors. These include a 1.29-inch sleek AMOLED display with a 454×454 pixel resolution.

Under the hood, Huawei is utilizing the HiSilicon Hi1132 chip, paired with a 455mAh battery. It would also follow the same design as previously seen, but more geared up towards male users because of its dimension. If the rumor turns out to be accurate, we’re going to witness the Huawei GT 2E arriving as three significant colors, Volcano Red, Graphite Balck, and Mint Green. We should find out more soon, as the smartwatch’s release date is said to be approaching.

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