HTC 5G Smartphone Could Launch Soon, According to the Last Reports

As the 5G connectivity spreads, companies are trying to keep up with the trend by developing 5G-compatible devices. Samsung, Apple, Google, or Vivo, and other companies as well, started preparing their best technologies under the 5G feature. Even HTC got something in store for us, according to the last report. The Taiwanese giant will launch an HTC 5G device soon.

HTC 5G Smartphone Might Come Out Soon

Website Mashdigi reported that HTC decided to invest massively in the 5G feature. Yves Maitre, the company’s CEO, stated that he strongly believes in a 5G expansion on the Tawin market. Unfortunately, further information wasn’t released about the next-gen of HTC 5G smartphones. It is still unknown if HTC will start developing more smartphones in various price segments or if the devices would be mid-range or premium ones.

Reports indicate that HTC is collaborating with Qualcomm, and is also investing in something known as virtual vision content, also powered by the 5G connectivity. There was also suggested that HTC will go on with its virtual vision apps as part of the HTC Vive series and the HTC Vive Cosmos, too. Previously, HTC released the 5G hub in collaboration with telco Sprint in the US.

HTC Extends with Gaming Platform and AR

HTC intends to try its hand with the AR and VR technology, as well. There looks to have particular importance on HTC’s AR, which devs think there’s still time for expansion. New releases in AR are awaited. As for the scheduled events, HTC is supposed to join the Game Developers Conference on March 16 at San Francisco.

The HTC Vice Developer Summit will take place the following day, and the company is expected to release the HTC Vive Sync, Vive Cosmos, Vive Cosmos XR, and the Vive Cosmos Plat series. Until then, we wait for the upcoming HTC 5G smartphone.

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