How to: Unlock Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Limit Breaks will be back in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Keep in mind that all the playable characters from this massive JRPG start with a Limit Break. We are talking about some super powerful moves which take some time to charge up. They different from character to character, and it’s entirely possible to unlock a  more powerful version in the story. You might want to get them as early as possible because they are very strong.

You are able to choose between the standard Limit Break and a more powerful variant from the character menu. The Level 2 Limit Breaks takes longer to charge than the standard variants, but they are worth the waiting. It’s also easy to miss the enhanced Limit Breaks if you’re simply playing without doing the extra content.

Here is how to get the limit breaks

Chapter 9 will come with Coliseum, where you can take on optional fights in order to earn rewards. After you complete the whole story at the Coliseum, you will be able to play through free fights, and that’s when you will unlock extra Limit Breaks. In the Coliseum, you will find some fights labeled ‘Cloud vs.,’ ‘Tifa vs.’ or ‘Barret vs..’ in these ones, you will have to play as one character. Complete the battles and earn the secondary Limit Break of the character. Each character has one, and you will be able to unlock them after completing the Coliseum fights in Chapter 9.

Keep in mind that in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there are only four playable characters: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aeris. Cloud will slash up enemies with his sword, Barret will use his bullets wisely, Rifa has her brawling styles that get the job done, and Aeris focuses on healing.

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