How to Teleport In Minecraft games

There are different ways of teleporting in Minecraft. We are going to share with you the secrets on how to teleport in both Creative and Survival worlds.

How to Teleport In Minecraft games

Teleport in Creative mode in Minecraft

Let’s start with teleporting the Creative world. The Creative world is the place where you can build something splendid; even the world name suggests that. But on top of that, the Creative world is also a place where the new Minecraft players can learn how to play the game better. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a new of a pro player, getting a grasp on how to teleport is a plus in either of your situation.

PC game

All you have to do is to hit F3 + Fn + F3, if your computer is operating on Windows or Alt + Fn + F3 on Mac PCs. By pressing on the the above codes, the game will generate for you your coordinates, which should be formed of three numbers separated by commas.

The next step is to remember those three numbers or write them down on a piece of paper, and then move away from your original spot, hit “/” on your keyboard. You should now have the console command opened, and type in the code “Teleport” followed by your display name and the three numbers that forms your coordinated. Hit the Enter button and Voila!

Console game

As for consoles, before you load up a world, you have to go to the game’s options and enable “Host Privileges.” Once in the world, the next step is to go to the menu on either PS4 or your Xbox console and select the “Teleport To Player” option. From there, pick a player to teleport to and fro depending on your liking.

Teleport in Survival mode in Minecraft

Teleporting in Survival is a different story, but we will talk you through. To be able to teleport in the Survival world, you will need to look for an Ender Pearl. Once you find one, the game will allow you to teleport. You can find the Ender Pearls in Stronghold Chests of you can kill an Endermen. All you have to do after you found an Ender Pearl is to pick a point where you want to teleport to. The above process work for both Pc and console game so press “use” button either one of the devices.

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