How to Play Audio Files on Your Android Phone with YouTube Music

YouTube Music is not the same as the YouTube app. The first application is the Premium version of YouTube, in which you subscribe and pay per month for your account. The app is working the same as the original YouTube. You can stream music, videos, documentaries, subscribe to pages and discover novelties. The plus of YouTube Music is that the app is coming without annoying adds that are always interrupting your experience.

Take note that you can listen to YouTube Music for free, but only the Premium paid version is without adds and playing in the background with your screen closed. Let’s take the example of the free account and how to use it for playing audio files on your phone. The feature that you can make good use of it is the download part. This means that you can download all the songs that you want to play offline.

How to Play Audio Files on Your Android Phone via YouTube Music

Even more, YouTube Music will not let you play the songs and videos from your internal storage in the app. The app doesn’t have the sync feature for the internal or external storage of your device. What you can do with YouTube Music is to enrich your internal playlist by saving or downloading new music with the app. The steps are straightforward, so if you are curious, follow them and enjoy it.

The first thing you must do is update the music app from the Google Play Store. After that, you can go to YouTube Music and tap on Settings – Library – Download Option. In there, you must activate the option Show device files from the Library and Download feature. These are all the steps for YouTube Music. Search for the Library category and a separate tab, and the local audio files will be into the Device files category. Enjoy!

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