How To Pin A Website On The Windows 10 Bar

Because we all have our favorite websites and pages, and I know that we all wanted to bookmark them because it will be much easier to access the pages when you need, Chrome gives us this opportunity. It launches a new feature that can make it possible to pin a website on the Windows 10 bar easily. If you pin the page, for example, you will not have to enter the name or the URL anymore.

How To Pin A Website On The Windows 10 Bar

After clicking what you pinned, the website will be opened in a few seconds on the taskbar and on your browser. Maybe It will be much easier if we take this step by step. Here we go!

The first thing to do is to open Google Chrome, then it depends on which website you like to pin, but before you do that, you must visit the site first. After you open the website, you can see three dots, I’m not sure, but they can mean “More Tools,” then, after that, you can create a shortcut using the “Create Shortcut” command. I think that it will be a great idea if you would name your new shortcut, and you can find the icons on the Windows desktop, just right-click on it and then select Pin to Taskbar.

I don’t think that there Is a more natural way to do it and I hope that you find this very helpful. It is essential to be updated with all this information if anything changes on the road. It is known the fact that every change can bring along new features and we have to be there when this happens.

I don’t know how all this strategy about selling and production devices and apps will manage to get through this global crisis because, as far as we know, China has new cases of coronavirus and no cure, yet.

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