How to Install Linux on a Chromebook Laptop

Chromebook’s pre-installed Chrome OS became more accessible. Google lets you now to install Linux, too, as the latest beta features. But how can you install the actual Linux on the Chromebook? Some steps might help you, and here are a few of them.

Launching Linux Apps on the Chromebook

Google has launched a brand-new beta setting for only some Chromebooks. With the “beta” Linux, software developers can utilize their well-known Linux apps on Chromebooks. Such a thing means the code editors, command-line items, and other development environments.

To enable Linux, click on time, then access the Settings, and go down until you see “Activate Linus (beta). Follow all the instructions on display and wait for about 15 minutes. You will notice a Linux terminal opening. From there, you can perform UNIX commands and install items with the load management system APT and modify your case. All Linux apps can be found in a regular sandbox so that they can run with each other unhindered.

Linux (beta) is Not Exactly What You Should be Looking For

What Google is displaying as Linux is by no thoughts the real deal. However, it has very restricted functionality, and it seems more like a broken virtual device.

Google has not offered its Linux beta yet with all the hardware options of the Chromebook, so we don’t have the USB, the microphones and cameras, and the hardware acceleration through GPU. So if you want to utilize it to install Kodi, a media center, and then run some 4K films from the external hard drive, you can’t.

Dual-Boot or Everything on Linux For Working on Your Chromebook

Try to set up a dual-boot system on your Chromebook. By performing such a thing, Chrome OS stays installed, and Linux is accessible as an extra option when you’ll do a switch on.

Windows and the Google Play Store Apps on Chromebook

If you look for a piece of advice on how to install better apps, there might be a method. You can enable the Google Play Store at many Chromebooks, and the steps are easy. In the Play Store, search for the “CrossOver” app, and you can start installing Windows apps.

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