How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android Devices

Google Chrome browser is one of the most-used browsers in the world today. Its browser extensions and utility store are also trendy among users.

However, the mobile version of the Chrome browser does not support Chrome Web Store and extensions.

With other browsers built with Google’s Chromium technology, users can install Chrome extensions on their mobile devices and enjoy similar browsing experience with PC.

How to install Chrome Extension on Android devices

Solution 1: Install Chrome Extension on Yandex browser

Follow the steps below to install the Yandex browser on your device

  • From your Google Play Store, download and install the Yandex browser
  • In the address bar, type >> ‘Go’ or tap on ‘Enter.’
  • Search the store for any Chrome extension of your choice
  • Tap on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to download the extension and add it to the Yandex browser.
  • Go to Yandex browser settings to check for the added extension.

The Yandex browser also has its web store for extensions. If you’re having trouble installing extensions from Chrome’s web store, use the Yandex web store to download and install add-ons on your device.

Solution 2: Install Chrome Extensions on Kiwi Chrome Browser

Kiwi browser is a Google Chrome alternative browser built with Chromium technology. This gives you the familiarity of using the Google Chrome browser, but with the added advantage of using browser extensions on your mobile device.

Follow the steps below to install extensions on your mobile device using the Kiwi Chrome browser.

  • Download and install the Kiwi browser from your Google Play Store
  • In the Kiwi address bar, type chrome://extensions >> ‘Go.’
  • Enable ‘Developer mode’ on your mobile device
    • Tap on your device’s settings icon
    • Scroll down and tap on ‘About phone.’ It is at the bottom of the ‘Settings.’
    • Tap on the ‘Build number’ five times to enable the ‘Developer options.’
  • Visit using Kiwi browser in Desktop Mode
  • Search the chrome web store for an extension of your choice
  • Tap on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to download and install the extension on your Kiwi browser.

The Kiwi Chrome browser runs on Google’s Blink Engine and Webkit and has a similar interface with Google Chrome Browser. Moreover, built-in Adblocker and Night mode features are present on the Kiwi Chrome browser.

Lastly, let us know whether you were able to install Chrome extensions on your Android device by leaving a comment below.

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