How to Get More Matches on Tinder

Tinder is certainly not the kind of platform where you can gain popularity in an instant. In general, dating through apps is more difficult than it was supposed to be. Getting a match on Tinder grants you the possibility to share DM’s with the person you like.

Tinder is one of the most reliable dating apps out there, and most of it is even free of charge. However, you’ll still need to follow some simple rules for getting more matches on the platform:

Prove that you’re an active person

Let’s face it: people in general and especially teenagers are not attracted by someone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff doing in his or her life. Whether we like it or not, nobody from Tinder seems to care about your Ph.D. in physics, or that you spend your time reading about astronomy and how Stephen Hawking understands the Universe. Therefore, you should upload many photos of yourself while you’re having fun with many people that look cool and interesting.

Write a funny and compelling description

Don’t hesitate to be honest with what you want and how you see things. Do it in a funny way, and that’s a great bonus! Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so it’s better to prove that you’re a chill kind of guy or woman. Don’t take things too seriously on the platform, like don’t put in the description your political views or religious beliefs. Don’t be too judgemental, either. Of course, we all hate a ton of things in life, but you’re on Tinder because you need a date, not because you want to change the world and its leaders. And people usually stay away from angry individuals.

Feel free to tell us your own ways of getting more matches on Tinder!

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