How to Get Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go The Legit Way

Pokemon Go may have been released several years ago, but the title continues to be played by millions of people from all over the world.

Many players appreciate the fact that the game is available for free since it allows them to enjoy the experience without the need to pay in advance. However, the title does offer the option to purchase a selection of convenience items like eggs, incubators, and lures with real-world money. These items can also be won randomly by merely playing the game, but you may likely need at least one of them at some point

Niantic offers several Pokecoins packs within the game, and they provide a reasonable amount of currency for the price. Those who do not wish to spend money on Pokécoins can use one of the methods presented below to earn them for free.

How to Get Free Pokecoins In Pokemon Go The Legit Way

The Google Play Credit Method

  • Open the Google Play Store and download the Google Opinion Rewards App
  • Launch the app and complete the initial survey.
  • In time the app will offer notification when surveys can be completed. Most surveys can be completed in a few minutes, and some are quite interesting.
  • After the survey is completed, a small amount of Google Play credit will be awarded.
  • Complete enough surveys and will be able to purchase Pokécoins without the need to pay a dime.

The Farming Gyms Way

  • Find a convenient Gym. Defeat the player who controls it or add your own Pokémon to boost the defenses.
  • Visit the Gym daily to collect your rewards. The number of coins that are awarded will be higher if more Pokémon guard the Gym.
  • In the upper right area of the screen, players can find a button that allows them to collect the rewards.
  • Ten coins and 500 stardust will be received for each Pokémon assigned to a Gym, and you can defend several Gyms at the same time.

Both the before-mentioned methods are legit ways to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go, so you do not have to rely on hacks and trainers to earn additional coins.

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