How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Stopped Responding Issue

There are moments when even the best phones trouble your experience with it. Either there are bugs, crashes, and other issues, all of them are annoying, and they can influence your daily activities. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 stopped responding, freezing, and you can’t use the device properly, try the following tips and tricks to fix it.

Note that all the next methods have been checked and if you can’t find one to fix your issue, ask Samsung for support. You can try, for instance, at least, to access the Settings, then the Storage, and select Clear cache and Clear data.

Also, it might help if you update the apps and the software. Stacked up data and cache can slow down your device very much. The apps that are not updated could also trouble your system. As for software updates, they’re the most significant because they bring new security patched, features, and bug fixes.

How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Stopped Responding Issue

Try a Force Reboot

If your Galaxy Note 10 is unresponsive, you can try a forced restart. Start by pressing and holding the Power key and the Volume down button simultaneously. Keep doing that for a couple of seconds, until the display turns on.

Access the Safe Mode

If the things don’t change after the previous method, try accessing the Safe Mode. Most likely, the third-party apps are the ones to blame because many can cause lots of issues. To find out if such apps are troublemakers, you need to go Safe mode.

Access the Power menu, tap and hold the Power Off button and soon the Safe Mode menu should pop-up. Tap on Safe Mode and confirm the selection. In about 30 seconds, the device should reboot in Safe Mode.

Then, when your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is in Safe mode, wait for a few seconds to see how it acts. If it’s responding well without freezing, then one of your installed apps is the one to blame. Uninstall the apps by starting with the most recent ones.

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