How To Fix The iPhone Unresponsive Touch Screen Issue

The iPhone touch screen might trouble our experience sometimes. It can become unresponsive without reason at all. Or maybe that’s what you think. Some reasons include a software or hardware issue. Luckily, software problems can be fixed easily. For any hardware troubles, however, you should request help from Apple. Before you start solving the touch screen issues, backup your data. Here is what you can do!

How To Fix The iPhone Unresponsive Touch Screen Issue

Clean The Screen

Start by unplugging your iPhone from the power source, then turn it off. Use a soft cloth and spray on it a cleaning product of your choice. Wipe it smoothly.

Don’t use something that can scratch the screen. Also, don’t spray the cleaning product directly to your device’s screen. Be careful with the screen, and don’t put too much pressure on it.

Charge Your Device With an Original Charger

Any other Apple accessory that promises to offer the same results as originals might be turned out to be false. It can damage your device a lot. Charge your iPhone with the original charger, then check the screen and see how it works.

Remove the Case or Display Protector

If you use a display protector or case, remove it. If the product isn’t a quality one, the touch of your fingers won’t work on the screen. After removal, test your screen and see how it responds.

Restart Your iPhone

Switch off your device and wait for a couple of seconds. Turn it back on and check to see is the issue is solved. If the screen is completely unresponsive, you might need to perform a force restart. Press and hold the sleep and wake button simultaneously with the Home button for approximately 10 seconds. The Apple logo will pop up. Allow the iPhone restarting process to complete.

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