How to Fix Mobile Data Connection Not Working on Android Smartphones

Fortunately, we live in an area with many possibilities, all kinds of devices, technologies, and the Internet. We are looking with nostalgia at those times when the connection on the Internet was made through Dial-up. Now, we have WiFi and the Mobile Data Connection everywhere we go on our mobile phones. But what happens when you can’t connect to a WiFi network and your mobile data isn’t working? We will give you some tips for solving the death and life problem.

How to Fix Mobile Data Connection Not Working on Android Smartphones

First of all, when that happens, always try to restart your phone. This simple, basic, traditional method is the one that could save your phone in many cases. Another thing that you could do is to see if some of your apps are using WiFi only or data. To view this option, tap on Settings-Data Usage – and find the apps from the list that have limited data access and change it.

Moreover, you can go deep to solve this kind of problem by resetting the network settings to factory. Once again, we tap on Settings- Backup and Reset – Reset Network Settings. You can also consider first to reset the APN as well. According to each phone, you must search for Mobile Data, Wireless Controls, or Wireless and Networks in Settings and choose the Restore Default Settings button.

You can try the radical solution and reset the factory settings. Reset your entire phone is decisive, so you must opt for this solution when the other tips and solutions aren’t working.

Resetting to factory settings will delete everything you have on your device, but it will boost it, and it will work like it’s new. For doing that, go to Settings- General Management (it depends on the phone you have) – Reset – Reset Settings. If these solutions are not working, you can contact your manufacturer or your operator to try and solve the problem.

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