How to Fix iPhone 11 Overheating Issues In a Few Steps

Many smartphone users are disappointed by the fact that their devices tend to overheat. There is a variety of factors and issues that can contribute to the appearance of the problem. Within this article, there are several tips that will teach users how to prevent the overheating of their iPhone 11 devices.

General tips to reduce iPhone 11’s temperature

Here are a few general tips that should be followed to prevent overheating:

  • Do not use your device when I am charging. It will boost the internal temperature and decrease the overall battery life in the long run.
  • Don’t use the device when you are in direct sunlight since it will warm up fast.
  • Take a break after playing intensive video games for more than one hour. Many games are quite demanding, and the device will tend to overheat.
  • Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS when they aren’t needed.

How to fix iPhone 11 overheating issues

If you did everything that was mentioned above and the device continues to overhead try one of the solutions presented below.

Reboot your device

In some cases rebooting the device will remove the problem as all the processes which run in the background will be interrupted. It can also increase the performance of the device by boosting the memory.

Find the power-hungry apps

Some apps tend to consume more resources than it appears at first sight. Go to Settings/Battery/Background Activity to see how much battery is drained by specific ones. Turn off background activity for apps that seem to consume too much energy.

Download the latest app updates

Major bugs could force an app to consume more power than it actually needs. To prevent this, it is always a good idea to keep your apps updated. Removing apps that aren’t used is also a great idea.

Install OS updates

Apple releases new updates from time to time, and many seek to correct issues related to battery and performance. Go to Settings – General – Software Update and download the latest update to tackle iPhone 11 overheating issues.

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