How to Fix Daemon Tools when it’s Malfunctioning?

Daemon Tools remains a very handy tool when it comes to installing certain games or apps that have files in the .iso extension. But regardless of how useful Daemon Tools is, it has its moments when it can malfunction in a pretty ugly way. Since throwing your PC out the window isn’t an option, we’ll gladly try to teach you how to deal with the issue.

First and foremost, the common issues are pretty much the source of your Daemon Tools malfunctioning. Let’s see how to deal with them:

Reinstall the program

Just like in the case of any other piece of software, reinstalling can also work for Daemon Tools. You can do this in several ways, and manually running uninsat.exe is arguably the easiest method. You’ll just have to run the uninsat.exe command, which can be found within the Daemon Tools installation folder.

You can also use the Revo Uninstaller for uninstalling Daemon Tools. We’re talking about a free tool that allows the cleansing of the system’s bloatware and other unnecessary software. The tool is more powerful than Microsoft’s default uninstallation tool. Regardless of the method you choose to uninstall Daemon Tools, reinstalling it is done just in the same way you installed the program in the first place.

Cue file not found

If a big error message appears on your screen and tells you about this error, this is how to fix it:

  1. Go to the folder where the .cue file is located.
  2. You’ll see a .bin and a .cue file. Note somewhere the name of the .bin file.
  3. Open the .cue file using Notepad.
  4. Search for the .bin section within Notepad and you’ll see a different name. Replace it with the one mentioned on step 2.
  5. Save the changes and try one more time.

If you still don’t like Daemon Tools by any chance, you should know that mounting .iso files can usually be done also from Windows Explorer.

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