How to Fix Battery Charging Issues on Your Smartphone

One of the most common issues faced by a smartphone owner is slow charging. This problem tends to appear after a while across a large number of devices and can be caused by several issues. Read below to learn how to fix most battery charging issues and enjoy a faster charge rate for your device.

How to Fix Battery Charging Issues on Your Smartphone

Faulty charging cable

Any object that is used often will be affected by the constant usage in time. Since most users tend to pay little attention to the cables, it is not surprising that they won’t observe when they are deteriorated, unless they stop working altogether.

Check your cable to see if its proper shape and clean the ends since they can be filled by dust and small debris.

Improper power source

Your battery is getting low, and you decide to connect the USB charging cable to your PC or laptop. Not a wrong choice per se, but that USB port will offer a minimal amount of power, and a full charge will take ages before it is completed.

The use of a Qi wireless charger is also not exactly the best idea since the popular standard remains a little slow in comparison to a fast-charging adaptor plugged directly into the wall charger.
Using the wrong power adaptor for your device

From a practical point of view, it is possible to use any power adaptor to charge your device, but this may not be a great idea. Specific devices required a specific amperage to charge correctly. If you use an adapter that doesn’t offer the same stats as the original one, your device may charge at a considerably slower pace.

Old battery

Most batteries will start to use some of their capacity after several charging cycles took place. This happens quite often in the case of older smartphones. While replacing the battery can be an option, it may be time to look for a new device.

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