How to easily defeat Cobalion in Pokémon Go

Cobalion is one of the three legendary Pokémon which were introduced in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, and it will offer a great challenge for Pokémon Go Trainers in Raids. The Pokémon will be available from November 4 to November 26, according to the developers of the title.

According to a report, Cobalion is focused on defense, having an attack value of 192, a defense stat of 229, and great stamina at 209. It comes with a rich moves kit, being able to use two fast moves: Metal Claw and Zen Headbutt. Three charge moves are also available in the form of Close Combat, Iron Head, and Stone Edge.

The Legendary Pokémon is resistant to nine other types: bug dark, dragon, grass, ice, normal, poison, rock, and steel. There is no need to worry as the creature is not indomitable: fighting, fire and ground Pokémon will have an advantage over it

Great counters

The first and best counter to Cobalion is Chandelure with Fire Spin and Overheat. A massive attack stat and a great kit of fire moves is a great boon against Cobalion. Chandelure can also withstand Close Combat and the steel-type moves due to inherent resistance. However, it is vulnerable if it fights against a Cobalion with Stone Edge.

Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch is a solid alternative, and it is one of the most popular fighting-type Pokémon since it became available in Pokémon Go due to the great stats and remarkable move pool, traits which make it great against Pokémon which are vulnerable to its type. It can handle the Steel Edge, but it may face a few issues against a Cobalion with Zen Headbutt.

If you want a heavy-hitter able to melt Cobalion, you can opt for Breloom with Counter and Dynamic Punch. It sports a great attack value, but keep in mind the fact that it may faint sooner in comparison to Machamp.

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