How to Earn Money With JioPOS Lite

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, people are in quarantine behind the wall of the safety of their homes. Companies are on lockdown, and it looks like most of the normal activities have stopped. However, it is good that in some regions, people can order their groceries online and have them delivered at the door. But what about the mobile recharge? JioPOS helps you with that.

There is no alternative to recharge your mobile phone. You could use the Paytm app, but it is worth it? People don’t really get any cashback by using this app, do they? However, in this time of crisis, Reliance Jio has come up with a solution. The company has released the JioPOS lite app, which helps you recharge numbers. You can also earn a commission on every recharge, which is a bonus.

How to Start Earning with JioPOS Lite

The JioPOS Lite app can be found on the Google Play Store, which means all Android users can enjoy the perks of it. First things first, you need to search for the app and install it. After the installation is successful, you need to allow the app a few permissions in order to make it work in accordance with your smartphone.

The app requires the following permissions: for messages, contacts, and location access. In order to access the app, you need to sign up with your email and Jio phone number to create an account. Next, you will receive an OTP. You will need to input your work location and agree to terms and conditions.

After you have followed all of the above steps, introduce your Jio phone number once again in order to be able to create an mPIN. With the mPIN created, you will have the option to recharge mobile numbers.

Now let’s talk about the JioPOS Lite app from the money point of view. First, you need to load a sum of the minimum of Rs. 1000. You can choose a larger amount of money if you want, but you need the minimum amount in order for the app to work. Straightaway, you get Rs. 1041.66 due to commission out of the Rs. 1000 loaded money.

The commission is 4% on loading money; it was 2% earlier. This is a great opportunity for people who currently don’t have a job or can’t work from home. You can make a decent amount of money with the JioPOS Lite app by staying inside the house.

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